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The Boston Rovers  Website Irish, Scottish, American Music from the 1700's
8-8:45 & 9-9:45

The Boston Rovers photo The Boston Rovers are known for their sea shanties,Colonial music,ballads and drinking songs with such songs as The Mermaid, Irish Rover and No Nay Never.

The Boston Rovers have appeared at Colonial Days at Minute Man Park in Concord,MA,Save Our Heritage with Jimmy Tingle,Meet in Beijing China Folk Festival,Shanghi University college performance,

Irish Hurling Games at Fenway Park,Westfield State University Easter Rebellion program,Battle of the Roses benefit concert in Tewkesbury England,Dame Folk Festival Germany and Strawbery Bank to name a few locations

The Rovers play guitar,mandolin,violin,tin whistle and hand drum to name a few instruments that might show up that night and will have you singing along with us the Parting Glass to bring in the New Year.

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