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Chick & Ellen  blues, swing, country, folk, & sea-chanteys
8-8:45 & 9-9:45

Chick & Ellen photo CHICK & ELLEN have been performing regularly in and around Cape Ann for quite a while. Audiences just love the sound of Chick’s masterful guitar-work blending with the pitch-perfect richness of Ellen’s voice. These two stellar musicians delight with a diverse and entertaining program that features mostly blues & swing, but also country, folk, sea-chanteys, and light-hearted banter about the agony and the ecstasy of the long-married couple.

Chick & Ellen have shared the stage with some of Cape Ann's most celebrated performers and groups, including Old Cold Tater, Allen Estes, Fly Amero, David Brown, and Daisy Nell. Lately, they have been mostly playing with their new acoustic supergroup, Down Home Swing, but tonight they are thrilled to be performing at their 14th NYRE as an acoustic duo.

CHICK MARSTON (fingerstyle & slide guitar, vocals, banjo) born and raised in Rockport, was a commercial fisherman who played his bar room blues in waterfront saloons from the Maritimes to Miami. He met his Brooklyn-born wife, ELLEN FORD (vocals, guitar, ukulele), in Tampa, where she was working in a waterfront club as a traditional jazz singer.

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