19 School St .

Headquarters  Button Sales, Coffeehouse, Souvenirs, Psychic Readers
8-8:45 & 9-9:45

Headquarters photo Button Sales Buy your buttons here! Cash, check or credit card accepted. Gift Shop Souvenirs, Noisemakers, Raffles, and novelties. Coffeehouse Ellen's Harborside's award-winning clam chowder, chili, pulled pork sliders, hot dogs, snacks, popcorn, soda, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are for sale. Psychic, Stone & Tarot Readings – For Amusement Only A psychic reading is not a “fortune-telling experience”, but rather an ethical, professional reading done with integrity, sensitivity and sincerity. Stone Readings: Terry Milton. Drawing on her psychic talents, her kinship with the earth, her knowledge of similarities between human nature and Mother Nature, and her love and appreciation for the “Mineral Kingdom,” Terry Milton, a.k.a. “The Stone Lady,” will be “Rocking” her Stone Readings. Tarot Readings: Gail Wall. Gail has 22 years experience as a professional, working with Tarot, Psychometry, Mediumship, and Pyramid Healing/Reading. She is a certified Tarot Reader with the American Tarot Certification Board. Her Intuitive Studies Certification was completed at Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA. Tarot Readings: Mara deGagne Mara is an intuitive reader of Tarot. She uses Tarot cards and other ancient methods as tools to enhance her craft of divination and healing. She has studied the Tarot for the past 40 years and has developed her own unique approach to reading. Tarot Readings: MaryEllen Oliver. MaryEllen has been a Psychic for 30 years. She is a Medium, able to speak to our loved ones that have passed on. She also loves reading Tarot Cards, as the information comes directly from your Spirit Guides on the Other Side. She does Past Life Regressions, taking the client back into their past lives to ponder the Journey of their Soul. Lastly, she is a Reiki Master.

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