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Three Sheets to the Wind  Website Chanteys & Songs of the Sea
10-10:45 & 11-11:45

Three Sheets to the Wind photo Three Sheets to the Wind is a chantey and sea music group out of Gloucester, MA. Weekly sings on Monday evenings are held at the Dog Bar Pub in Gloucester from 6 to 9 pm and have been ongoing for almost 15 years. The group has performed in venues such as The Gloucester’s Mayor’s Cup schooner races, Essex Music Festival, Mystic Sea Music Festival 2006, Essex Shipbuilding Museum Basin Fest, Essex Clamfest, Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festivals, Lowell’s Boat Shop events, Salem Antique and Wooden Boat Shows, Press Room Shanty sings, Tall Ship’s Portsmouth, Charles Morgan Homecoming - New Bedford, USS Constitution Museum, L’Hermione vessel tour Boston, Rocky Neck Nights on the Neck, Gloucester Reads Literacy events, Gloucester Block Parties and Middle Street Walks, Gloucester Meeting House, 300th Anniversary Boston Light, Old South Meeting House, Shirley-Eustis Museum Boston, shipboard events, museum events, school events, nursing homes and assisted living centers as well as a few funerals, birthdays and weddings. The singers and players that make it all possible include many of the following: Peter and Audi Souza, Gary Foremen, Tim Perkins, Alex Thompson, Liz Duff, Michael Paolucci, Bob and Mary Barker, Martha Bowen, Leslie Wind, Alex Jones, Gerry Ryan, Chris Leghorn, Bob Eaton, Tony Hilliard, Janet Ruth Young, Steve and Arlene Willard, Ray Spiecker, Judy Keith, Marty Stock, Ernie Pigeon, Amy DeSilva, Graham and Jan Walker, Tyler Buck, John and Susan Meurling, Pamela Owen, Annie Storr, Steve Mummendey and many other voices who often join in with the crew. Many who participate have years of established song and sea history to offer as we roar up a storm of song and good cheer for our audiences. Good power vocals and terrific harmonies arise wherever we go….we also have a good time and enjoy what we do….as will be seen. Good cheer abounds. Audience participation is a must!!!! Come join us.......

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