Sponsor Benefit Descriptions

Rockport New Year’s Eve recognizes sponsors by placing business names and logos on promotional and publicity materials. The table below describes the benefits at each sponsorship level. A detailed description of the sponsor benefits can be found at the bottom of this page. Click the Sponsor RNYE button below the table to become a sponsor.

Headquarters Banner
Venue Signs
Event Posters
Online Schedule
Social Media
Event Brochures


Sponsor Benefit Descriptions

Headquarters Banner  Many attendees visit event headquarters during the event to pick up buttons or merchandise, or to attend an event. If you are a Gold level sponsor ($2,500) your logo will be on the Headquarters banner, visible to everyone driving or walking by Headquarters.

Venue Signs Signs at the entrance and interior of each entertainment venue display the performance schedule for that venue. If you are a Silver level ($1500) sponsor or above, your logo will be on the sign for everyone to see!

Event Posters  Months before New Year’s Eve, our volunteers bring our colorful event posters around to area businesses and visitor centers to promote the event.  These eye-catching posters are displayed in store windows throughout the North Shore and they are one of the primary ways the event is promoted.  Bronze level ($500) sponsors and above will be listed on these highly visible posters!

Online Schedule  Beginning in 2019, the Rockport New Year’s Eve website (https://www.rockportnye.org) has hosted a smartphone-optimized  interactive schedule of New Year’s Eve performances with links to performer and venue information. Many event attendees prefer digital to paper, so it is extremely popular. Patron level ($200) sponsors or above, logos or names will appear on the schedule. Frequency of display is increased with higher sponsorship levels,

Social Media  Rockport New Year’s Eve utilizes many social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will be publishing promotional posts in the days and months leading up to the New Year’s Eve event, and Patron level sponsors and above will receive mention in those posts!  Our website (https://www.rockportnye.org) will also list all of our sponsors, Patron level and above, with size and placement of logos and names relative to donation.

Event Brochure  Thousands of brochures are distributed throughout the North Shore beginning months prior to the event.  On New Year’s Eve, these colorful, information-packed brochures are available at Headquarters and at each entertainment venue. The fold-out brochure includes a map to the venues and the schedule, along with other important information on evening activities. All sponsors will be listed in the Event Brochure (unless you opt out), and if you choose to be a Bronze level ($500) sponsor or above, your organization logo will be prominent in the brochure!

Rockport New Year’s Eve, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  RNYE does not provide sponsors with any goods or services in exchange for their sponsorship. Sponsorships are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.