Free Activities

Spiran Hall Down
noon – 11:00

Event HQ, Button Sales, Dining Room, Psychic Readers

12:00 noon – 11:00 – Button Sales
Buy your buttons here! Cash, check or credit card accepted. Or buy online.

Dining Room
Get a delicious meal from the food trucks parked outside on Broadway and eat in cozy and historic Spiran Hall. 5 Star Phresh-Food offers tacos and other delicious meals. Meat and Sweet Foods offers BBQ style foods and homemade sweets.

6:00 – 10:30
Psychic, Stone & Tarot Readings – For Amusement Only

A psychic reading is not a “fortune-telling experience”, but rather an ethical, professional reading done with integrity, sensitivity and sincerity.

  • Terry Milton — Stone Readings: Drawing on her psychic talents, her kinship with the earth, her knowledge of similarities between human nature and Mother Nature, and her love and appreciation for the “Mineral Kingdom”, Terry Milton, a.k.a. “The Stone Lady”, will be “Rocking” her Stone Readings.
  • Gail Wall — Tarot Readings: Gail has 22 years experience as a professional, working with Tarot, Psychometry, Mediumship, and Pyramid Healing/Reading. She is a certified Tarot Reader with the American Tarot Certification Board. Her Intuitive Studies Certification was completed at Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA.
  • Mara deGagne — Tarot Readings: Mara is an intuitive reader of Tarot. She uses Tarot cards and other ancient methods as tools to enhance her craft of divination and healing. She has studied the Tarot for the past 40 years and has developed her own unique approach to reading.
  • MaryEllen Oliver — Tarot Readings: MaryEllen has been a Psychic for 30 years. She is a Medium, able to speak to our loved ones that have passed on. She also loves reading Tarot Cards, as the information comes directly from your Spirit Guides on the Other Side. She does Past Life Regressions, taking the client back into their past lives to ponder the Journey of their Soul. Lastly, she is a Reiki Master.

Public Library
6:00 – 9:00

Roaming Railroad

Join us at Rockport Central Train Station on School Street in front of Rockport Public Library for a trip by train! Not since the demise of the streetcar in 1920 has downtown Rockport had train service. Not just a kid’s ride, the Roaming Railroad was custom built to accommodate adults, making it a true family attraction. Engineer Dan DeCosmo will entertain riders with comedy, train songs and inspirational routines like the little train that could. The train will make stops at some of the RNYE venues along Broadway, Mt. Pleasant St., and Dock Square.

All Around
6:45 – 9:00

Serendipity Stilt Dancers

Watch out for some Very Tall People!  Serendipity Stilt Dancers connect earth, rhythm, heart & sky in graceful high-energy dances, and you are encouraged to dance along with them. Weather permitting, they will be in the downtown area during the 6:45-7:00 and 7:45-8:00 changeovers. They will also be at Community House at 8:45 for the early new year countdown for kids.

Community House Outdoors
8:45 – 9:00

Early Countdown

For young families!  Ring in the New Year with an early countdown beginning at 8:45PM outdoors at the Community House.

Dock Square


Weather permitting, the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club will have telescopes set
up in Dock Square from 7:00 to 10:00 for viewing of Uranus, Neptune, and objects
far, far outside our solar system — star clusters, colorful double stars, nebulae,
galaxies, and stars with their own solar systems. There will be guided tours of the
constellations, NASA educational activities and handouts for all ages. Learn how to
read a sky map and see how different types of telescopes work. Appreciate the
wonders of the night sky, and start the new year with a new appreciation of the
enormous and spectacular universe.

UU Church

Peace Service

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport will hold its 24th New Year’s Eve Peace Service. There will be music, readings and meditation.

Dock Square

Ball Drop

Don’t go home yet! Watch the ball drop and count down the last few seconds of 2022 as everyone sings Auld Lang Syne.